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Alvarez Technology Group Provides Secure Wireless Networking For Monterey County Fairgrounds

1218_150X200_primary When faced with a growing need to communicate and provide access to events, the Monterey County Fairgrounds turned to Alvarez Technology Group to help in designing a wireless network solution that offered easy expansion, reliable connectivity, robust management and security.

Faced with an ongoing challenge to provide Internet and other networking services during concerts, shows and other events, the Monterey County Fairgrounds turned to Alvarez Technology Group to help provide a robust, secure and highly reliable wireless networking solution.

Alvarez Technology Group, headquartered in Salinas, CA provides a wealth of IT services for businesses in the area.  One of their most sought after services is providing wireless networking technologies across their client base.  Wireless networking solution that can be managed and serviced easily through Alvarez Technology Group’s iTeam managed services program.

The perfect solution for the Monterey County Fairgrounds was the Meraki wireless networking solution.  Meraki provided the best wireless networking solution, meeting all the requirements outlined by the fairgrounds staff.  The Fairgrounds needed a wireless networking solution flexible enough to provide a secure, private network yet also allow for public access to the Internet, all the while giving both the Fairgrounds and Alvarez, their IT service provider, the ability to manage the system remotely. The Meraki solution satisfied all the requirements.

Based on Meraki’s award winning enterprise cloud-based management software suite, the system provides complete wireless coverage throughout the Fairgrounds, giving patrons attending the many events hosted there free or paid access to the Internet, depending on the event. A critical component of the solution was the ability of the Meraki devices to link together to create a wireless mesh network with just a single Internet gateway. The mesh network not only enables the wireless access points to link to each other, it gives the users of the network a seamless experience no matter where they find themselves on the grounds.

Among the events hosted at the Monterey County Fairgrounds is the upcoming Monterey Jazz Festival (September 21-23, 2012), where the Meraki network will not only provide free wireless access to the more than 10,000 patrons of the three-day celebration of jazz music, but it will also allow the Festival to stream performances directly to the Internet from several venues. Without the Meraki-based solution, none of this would be possible.

Alvarez Technology Group is a member of the Meraki Certified Partner Networking Associate and Curtis Thomas, Alvarez Technology Group’s Director of Managed Services, holds his certification with many of the Meraki products.

Learn more about how Alvarez Technology Group can help your business with a robust wireless solution visit https://www.alvareztg.com.

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