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Alvarez Technology Group Becomes MSPAlliance Certified – Demonstrating Unsurpassed Expertise in Helping Businesses Succeed

Salinas, CA (December 9, 2015) – Alvarez Technology Group is pleased to announce they’ve completed the MSPAlliance’s MSP/Cloud Verify Program (MSPCV) certification process, which is the oldest, most recognized certification program for cloud computing and managed services providers. As the only certified company in Central California, Alvarez Technology Group provides peace of mind to clients, knowing they’re extremely qualified as they’ve exceeded standards dealing with:

  • Corporate risk management
  • Documentation
  • Service/program change management
  • Event management
  • Logical security
  • Data, privacy, security, and integrity
  • Physical security
  • Managed services SLA, reporting, and billing
  • Corporate health

The MSPCV certification comes with a written report with the entire process documented, validated, and signed by a 3rd party accounting firm – and it’s reviewed by governmental agencies and regulatory bodies across the globe. This lets you rest assured knowing we’ve demonstrated unsurpassed expertise in helping businesses succeed through:

  • The ability to meet industry-specific regulations and maintain compliance.
  • The ability to avoid evolving threats, such as ransomware or viruses.
  • The ability to cut costs with a flat-rate monthly fee that’s easy to budget for.
  • And much, much more.

“The MSPCV examination is a rigorous certification process that benchmarks and verifies the quality of the company providing cloud and/or managed services,” said Charles Weaver, MSPAlliance CEO. “We are very proud to have Alvarez Technology Group as a member of this elite community of cloud and MSPs.”

Since 2000, the MSPAlliance has been the only unified voice for the Managed Services Industry. As the world’s largest Professional Association and Certification Body for the Managed Services Industry, the MSPAlliance was created to meet the needs of the Managed Services Professional while educating and protecting consumers.


About Alvarez Technology Group

Alvarez Technology Group, Inc. has been in business since 2001 and provides world-class technology solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses, including strategic planning, network management and 24×7 monitoring, the integration of computers and telephones, data security and backup, and expert IT consulting. They empower their clients to grow their organizations with the right technology and smart systems management. For more information, contact Ronni Alvarez at 831-753-7677 X1013 or ralvarez@alvareztg.com.

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