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AG and Tech

Technology and agriculture are finding that they need each other. Silicon Valley is showing significant interest is developing new innovative technology for the agriculture industry, improving yields, refining products, and reducing costs of production.

Salinas Valley farmers are quite savvy in developing new technologies and methods to help farm more easily. Agriculture provides a lot of room for new methods of business, not only in the field, but also in logistics, transportation and packaging. Technology companies can look at this industry and see that they can assist in the feeding of billions of people; farmers will tell you that with the current technology available, they’re maxed out in terms of how much they can yield from a given area.

A past advancement between technology and agriculture was the use of drip tape. It was discovered that you could put the nutrients into the mix and send the water and nutrients through the drip tape, leading to more even distribution of water into the structure of the plants, increasing yield.

Public interest groups come out against GMOs and scare people calling it “Franken-food”, but with a pop approaching 9 billion, the only way to possibly feed all of these people will be GMOs. The reality is that GMOs are really just an extension of the traditional way that farmers have developed better crops for decades; cross breading, making better seeds, choosing certain plants and turning them into others.

When we talk about genetically modified foods, there are actually a number of benefits, such as the development of stronger plants, which require less pesticide in the field and therefore produce fewer run-offs into our ground water.

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