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4 Technology Trends that Will Impact Our Lives in 2020

What 4 Technology Trends Will Impact Our Lives in 2020?

There are four trends that are likely to impact your work and private life in 2020.

How Will Automation Shape the Future?

From apps that make our lives easier and automate tasks to self-service kiosks in restaurants, automation is gaining a foothold in everyday work/life scenarios.

Gartner’s highlights automation in its strategic technology trends for 2020. For instance, “hyperautomation” describes the combination of machine learning, packaged software, and automation to deliver work, according to Forbes.

Gartner also pointed out the trend for “autonomous things,” which use AI to automate functions — and replace people. Examples of autonomous things include drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles, appliances, and ships.

Is 5G Finally Here?

Verizon and AT&T will finish deploying their 5G infrastructure as widely as possible in 2020.

Approximately 66% of organizations aim to implement 5G in 2020. The 5G standard brings more bandwidth, lower latency, and faster speeds to mobile connectivity. This will revolutionize much of what we do now.

What does that mean in terms of day-to-day living?

“5G is going to revolutionize a lot of the things we do now because it’s like going from the old, slow smartphones when we had 3G to 4G where you can do so much more on your phone,” according to Luis Alverez, CEO of Alvarez Technology Group in Salinas, California.

Will Your Next Coworker Be a Virtual AI Assistant?

Artificial Intelligence uses the processing power of computers to run sophisticated algorithms in milliseconds. AI is already helping us make decisions about what can get done. For example, agriculture was largely based on intuition before, but AI is now telling growers what to pick and plant and when to do it.

“It will be interesting to see how the changes with AI change our lives throughout the working day,” Alvarez said.

AI will drive revolutionary changes in medicine, privacy law enforcement, transportation and logistics, facial recognition, and other areas. It will mean a fundamental shift in the labor market.

“Some companies began assigning employee IDs to virtual digital workers and then assigned these digital workers to projects and workloads. AI-powered robots and digital assistants are taking over rote tasks in offices, on manufacturing floors, in call centers, and in military fleets. In some cases, digital workers will replace their human counterparts,” according to Tech Republic.

Where Will Voice Tech Take Us?

Alexa and Google Home are the two most famous examples of voice technology integrated into our lives. In 2020, we will continue moving to voice commands and prompts instead of writing everything out.

“By 2020, 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-based. By 2020, 30% of all searches will be done using a device without a screen. In the US, house penetration for smart speakers was 13% in 2018. In the US, house penetration for smart speakers is predicted to rise to 55% by 2022,” according to Quoracreative.

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