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What Cool Gadgets Were Unveiled in Las Vegas at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show?

What Did the Consumer Electronics Show Unfold?

Alvarez Technology Group is an IT managed service provider based in Salinas, CA. Contact the company to talk about innovations like those at the consumer electronics show that can move your business operations forward.  

The Consumer Electronics Show was held from Jan 7-11 in 2020, and the venue provides a place for advertisers, industry manufacturers and tech-savvy consumers to share a glimpse of the upcoming electronics market.

Luis Alvarez, CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, shared his top picks in a recent On The Air podcast.

Voice-activated Technology

Alvarez said he was impressed with the amount of technology integrating Alexa and Google home. “Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all got together and said let’s cooperate here and create technology that integrates with all of our voice systems.”

This may prove profitable for all three companies as people become more used to voice-activated tools. “You can access your home network to check if there’s milk in the fridge,” said Alvarez, speaking of smart home systems available from the tech giants and others.

Automation in Automobiles

Alvarez pointed out the innovations in cars and car-like vehicles that stirred visitors this year. One of his favorites was a two-wheeled cacoon that drives users around college campuses, amusement parks and cities of the future. The Segway S-Pod (release date to be revealed) is a self-balancing stroller reaches up to 24mph.

What About 5G and AI?

Participants at CES 2020 also got a sneak peek at how the Internet of Things is becoming the “Intelligence of Things.” Smart devices integrate 5G and AI capabilities to process information, make decisions, and perform tasks intelligently and quickly.

Is a Foldable Smartphone Coming Soon?

in October 2019, Samsung released a concept video of a foldable clamshell smartphone design. Now, it’s one of several companies that unveil durable folding handsets at CES 2020. Manufactures releasing these forward-thinking gadgets include:

Alvarez Technology Group is an IT managed service provider based in Salinas, CA. Contact the company to talk about innovations like those at the consumer electronics show that can move your business operations forward.

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