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How Does Technology Affect Globalization?

The world is a small place, and many people believe technology makes the world even smaller. While technology plays a vital role in shrinking the planet, all technologies are created differently and culture plays a big role in how technology is used worldwide.

For example, as Americans, we take pride in our innovations and how we embrace technology in our lives, however, the U.S. is falling behind in a variety of areas, such as Internet speed. The U.S. doesn’t rank in the top ten when it comes to Internet speed, which is partially due to the lack of competition amongst Internet providers.

In contrast, most European and Asian countries receive better Internet performance compared to the U.S., due to an extensive amount of competitive Internet providers. But what are the consequences of having slower Internet speed? For businesses, slower Internet speed leads to decreased productivity and accessibility, which means other countries have a competitive advantage over the U.S.

Ultimately, when it comes to technology, culture plays a huge role in determining success or failure. For instance, Facebook is commonly used in western countries, however, the social marketing platform isn’t as popular in Asia and China. This is because Facebook’s design and functionality appeals to a western mindset, whereas Asian cultures prefer a different way of sharing on social media platforms.

In addition, effective marketing techniques vary depending on the culture. Manufacturers must consider marketing techniques in the early development of products, in order to determine the most effective marketing technique to ensure success in the target geographic location.

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