Are You Missing Great Deals During Amazon Prime Days?

Amazon expanded their annual extravaganza of retail sales in 2019 to include two full days of unbelievable deals. See what you missed — and plan ahead for the next round of sales.  

Can Anything Slow the Rollout of 5G Network to Customers?

Is the upcoming 5G rollout a big benefit for businesses, or a danger to consumers? Thousands of new cell towers — and faster internet access for all — are on the line.  

Can Technology Help Predict Mass Shootings in the US?

Are we ready for a future where technology could reliably predict (and prevent) the large-scale events that are currently devastating our society?  

Should You Review Your Business Security After Recent Capital One Hack?

Are there open channels to your business systems and data that you haven’t considered? Live and learn from the recent Capital One cybersecurity disaster.

Why Do You Need A Business Continuity Solution?

With a business continuity solution, your Information Technology will be protected, and your staff will be ready and productive in the event of a disaster.

Will the Mobile Monopoly Negatively Impact Your Business?

With T-Mobile and Sprint getting closer to a merger, will this mobile monopoly wreak havoc with the cost of pre-paid cell phone plans for businesses? Only time will tell.  

How Tesla’s Astonishing 68-day Build was Actually a Gigantic Marketing Move

Most businesses can’t afford a marketing tactic as dramatic as that pulled off by Elon Musk in Australia, but it brought attention to a serious concern: business continuity.

Happy Labor Day

To make the most out of what we hope will be a gorgeous long weekend, we will be closing our office for the day on Monday, September 2nd. And as always, we’ll have technicians on call for all of our managed IT services clients, and you’ll be able to reach us by calling our office […]

10 Questions Every Company Should Ask Before Outsourcing IT Services

Ten questions to ask while considering outsourcing your IT services to a provider.   Many companies are outsourcing their IT functions due to convenience and budgetary constraints. Small- and medium-size businesses can focus their hiring of staff for their core business, and hire an IT consultant for their expertise and efficiency. However, even with the […]

Is Your CEO An Easy Target For Cybercriminals?

CEO Fraud is a form of Business Email Compromise (BEC) where a cybercriminal impersonates a high-level executive (often the CEO). Once they convince the recipient of the email (employee, customer or vendor) that they are legitimate, they then attempt to get them to transfer funds or confidential information.